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Radiation Therapy RadCare

Program Overview | Program Tools and Criteria

RadCARE™ is the first radiation therapy management program that addresses a patient‘s specific disease state, stage and treatment goals, while allowing payors to reduce inappropriate medical expenditures associated with radiation therapy.

More than 900,000 cancer patients undergo radiation therapy in the U.S. each year. The cost of oncology spending is over $55 billion and rapidly rising.  New and emerging technologies for radiation therapy provide more treatment options, but comprehensive clinical oversight is needed to ensure patients receive safe care that is clinically appropriate.

RadCARE™ is designed to align the delivery of care to cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy with clinically approved pathways. It approaches the use of radiation therapy by addressing the appropriateness of the technology, treatment plan goals, nationally recognized standards of care, and associated billing of radiation services. RadCARE™ provides a one-time authorization for comprehensive radiation oncology treatment plans.

RadCARE™ pathways allow the treating radiation oncologist to make use of his or her treatment plan to provide information used to determine the appropriate level of care and reimbursement for radiation therapy services.  The RadCARE™ Program offers clinicians the necessary flexibility to render appropriate quality care in a timely manner.  It ensures safety by requiring technologies used in radiation therapy to conform to appropriate standards established by a national board of recognized radiation oncologists.