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About Us

eviCore healthcare is committed to making sure that every patient receives exactly the health care they need.  We know that every patient has a unique condition and medical history, so we manage tests and treatment to make sure they meet the latest standards of care to deliver the best possible outcomes.

As a specialty benefit management company, we manage the quality and use of outpatient diagnostic and cardiac imaging, cardiac implantable devices, oncology drugs and therapeutic agents, radiation therapy, sleep, pain and lab services. Our goal is to make sure that every treatment and test is medically necessary and absolutely appropriate for the individual patient.

By insisting that patients receive the most appropriate test or treatment the first time, we ensure they get the best care possible as quickly as possible.  As a consequence, we help to eliminate the cost and time wasted with inappropriate tests or treatments, while ensuring the highest levels of patient safety.

Our Focus
eviCore ensures quality of healthcare by embracing the latest standards of care, deploying evidence-based models and managing treatment and diagnosis to achieve the best possible outcomes. We do this by using state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based criteria. All eviCore programs improve quality, streamline patient care and reduce cost. 

Our History
eviCore was founded in 1994 to provide comprehensive, customized programs to improve the use of diagnostic imaging and enhance the quality of care. eviCore’s innovative and quality-driven approach to radiology utilization management has made it the country’s fastest-growing outpatient diagnostic imaging utilization management services provider.

Building on our success, eviCore expanded its offering to include two highly specialized areas of care: cardiology and oncology. In 2005, eviCore launched eviCore Cardiology to manage cardiac care, including cardiac imaging and implantable devices. In 2007, eviCore launched eviCore Oncology to manage the use of oncology drugs and therapeutic agents. In 2008, eviCore added programs for sleep apnea, pain musculoskeletal management and lab services, which include high-cost genome testing.

As our growing client list includes some of America’s most popular and trusted health plans, eviCore currently manages treatment affecting more than 30 million people.